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Welcome to 
Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching LLC

We make training fun!
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Training philosophy

When we bring a dog into our home, we have a commitment to teach our canine companion how to be a life long member of our family.

Whether training a family pet or a performance dog, I believe that training should be fun!  When training is fun, everyone suceeds.

Food is a wonderful teaching tool. It allows us to clearly communicate what we want and how to do it.  Games and play are also an important part of the teaching process and become the ultimate reward.  YOU will become your dog's 'cookie'.

Fun does not mean sacrificing the precision required in performance sports.  When training is fun, our dogs are willing and happy to work with us as we refine our skills.

I have been greatly influenced by Pat Nolan and Janice Gunn; two internationally known and respected trainers who take a motivational approach in teaching.  

The art and science of teaching our canine companions is constantly evolving as we learn more about how dogs learn and how best to make teaching an enjoyable experience.  I strive to stay current with the latest proven techniques.  Adapting Pat Nolan's use of the platform - a successful tool in field training - into all of my classes has been a fun and successful way of teaching a wide variety of skills and adapting his method of teaching scent discrimination has made teaching this difficult skill very clear, easy and fun for the dogs.

Each dog is unique and student is unique.  Classes are kept small to insure individual attention each week.  There is no 'one size fits all' at Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching.  

The journey; whether it be to a ribbon or simply to a soccer game, can and should be fun and successful for all. 

Welcome to 
Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching LLC

We make training fun!